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Page last updated:   08/01/2016

      Purchase of Instructor Cover through IMASA is not Compulsory to be a Member  

             (but we will require a scanned copy of the Principle Instructor cover for our records)

      It is not Compulsory to Register any of your Club Black Belts - No Reg Fee


                                  *£2.65 per Student per Year*

IMASA Association Membership Indemnity is covered by Allianz Insurance Plc, a Sports Insurance Provider.    

Allianz Instructor cover includes a large list of Martial Art Styles and Weapons they cover.     

 IMASA Club Membership is only £10.00 first year - per club, not venue - Renew early next year for just £5.00

1 to 50 Students: Student Membership to include Student Insurance (Registered IMASA Clubs only) = £2.65 per Student per year (Junior or Senior) Minimum age for Membership/Insurance is 4 years.

IMASA Student Membership includes Member to Member Cover

Association Student Member to Member Indemnity Limit        £2,000,000 

51 to 100 students email for a discounted quote.

If your Students are already Insured through another Body no problem, we can offer interim Membership/Insurance with the same end date @ £1.25 per student (administration charge) Emailed Copies of slips will be needed as proof of purchase.

Information required Student: Club Name, Style, Student's Name, Date of Birth, Grade achieved if any. 

Information required Instructor: Club Name, Style, Email address, Phone No, Instructor's Name, Full Address to include Post Code, Date of Birth, Date you became a 1st Dan and Grade achieved now - Please request the Instructor Application Form from [email protected]    

IMASA Principle Instructor Registration costs £10.00  - Early renewal just £5.00

Only Black Belts wanting Instructor Insurance are required to pay this admin fee.

Principle Instructor to mean: Club Owner and or Main Instructor - please see main Insurance below for more details and costs                                                       

Association Policy & Instructor Policy details by request to: [email protected]  

Each Registered Club requires the following;

One Principle Instructor Public Liability Cover in place, this can be individually sourced or through IMASA - Chief Instructor Registration Fee is applicable whether Instructor Insurance source through IMASA or not

                                          Available Principle Insurance Policies

* Instructor Insurance £2,000,000  Public & Product Liability = £77.50 * 

* Instructor Insurance £5,000,000  Public & Product Liability = £104.00 * 

* Instructor Insurance to include £10,000,000  Public & Product Liability = £125.00 * 

Prices quoted above through our Agents Towergate are for a 12 month period

Does not include the £10.00 Instructor Registration or the Discounted Early Renewal @ $5.00

Instructor Insurance covers the Instructor to Instruct within the UK and EU Member States 24/7

                             Principle Instructor Registration £10.00 - Renewals from just £5.00



Amateur Tournaments:

For events of upto two days and a maximum of 1,000 attendees

Indemnity Limit           £1,000,000         £45.00  please contact IMASA office: [email protected]

£2,000,000 Indemnity available.

All Memberships and Insurance cover provided assume that you have read and agreed to the Policy documents and Instructor's Declaration form found on our document section.



Description of Activities

Your insurer covers only those activities which you declared on your original Proposal Form. You must advise us of all activities in which you participate or any additional ones you wish to include to ensure that adequate cover is effective for your Membership.


Health and Safety

It is important that all adequate and appropriate safety measures have been put into place to ensure accidents are avoided.


Membership Records

In the event of a claim you may be called upon to confirm Student & Club Memberships. You must ensure that you keep a record of all members past and present as this will be necessary in the event of a claim, and must correspond with our Main Register exactly - We will issue your Student List we have on file at your Club renewal date.

Insurers reserve the right to examine membership records. You must ensure that all accidents are recorded for reference in the event of a claim.


It is your duty to disclose all material facts. A material fact is one that would influence our decision as to whether or not to accept your proposal for Membership/ Insurance, and, if we were to accept your proposal, the terms on which we would be able to Register/Insure you . If you are in any doubt as to whether a fact is material you should disclose it.


You must tell us about any changes which may happen after inception of your policy. If you are in any doubt about whether facts are material, you must tell us. Failure to do so could affect the validity of your policy.


The personal information you provide to IMASA will be used to process your application for insurance and to administer your policy.  As part of this process we may need to pass information onto third parties.



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