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IMASA Representatives & Advisors

IMASA Martial Art Advisors:


Paul Chambers, Sean Mchale, Colin Whitaker, Lee Batchelor, Mike Ward


Rev Ken Owen


Ricky Craig


Mick Farrow, Brian Bentham

Kobudo Karate & Nunchaka:

David & Joanne Penk

Shotokan Karate:

Lee Anthony Butler

Wado Ryu Karate:

Peter & Mark Drake


Peter & Mark Drake

Kyokushinkai Karate

Michael Ellis


Mike Rowlings

James Mc Erlean   Representative (Ireland)


Andy Murray


Parvis Eqbal

Kung Fu

Steven Grant  (Wales)


Andrew Chaney  (County Durham)

Krav Maga

Simon Pither (FEKM - UK)


IMASA North East Multi-Style

Email: [email protected]   Gateshead Area

Mick Farrow:  4th Dan Cane Do, 2nd Dans Shotokan Karate, Freestyle Karate, 1st Dans Kick-Boxing ( Go Maru ), Street Defence ( Self-Defence ), Batto-Jutsu, Cane Defence, Kobudo (Go Maru).Certified CRT Instructor, Martial Arts First Aider

IMASA West Midlands Shotokan Karate

Lee Anthony Butler  7th Dan    email: [email protected]   

IMASA Taekwondo

Leeds Andy Murray 6th Dan 

 Email: [email protected]

  IMASA Ju-Jitsu

   Chesterfield:   Paul Chambers email: [email protected]

   Leeds: Colin Whitaker

   Leeds: Sean McHale  email: [email protected]

   Liverpool: Peter Cailceta  email: [email protected]  


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