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Junsui Ryu Jujitsu



Junsui Ryu Jujitsu 


Chief Instructor: Sensei Paul Lemar

Style: Ju-Jitsu


Training Details:  Every Tuesday

Times: 19:00pm till 21:00pm

Venue: Malling Community Centre, Spences Lane, Lewes, Sussex

Training Details: Every Monday                                                                                                        Times: 20:00pm until 22:30pm                                                                                               Venue:FIMA - 87b Saint Johns Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent every Monday 20:30 to 22:30

Training Details: Every Thursday

Time: 7:30pm until 9:30pm

Venue: Tunbridge Wells Football Club, Culverden Stadium, Kent, TN4 9SG

Contact [email protected] - Paul Lemar

Ages Accepted: 8yrs to 75yrs. Beginners and Martial Artists alike are welcome


Contact:  [email protected] - Ben Plows



We are "a community martial arts club run on principles of open access and training for all. We teach a style of Japanese Jujitsu, adapted to deal with modern attacks and situations"


Ajc-Taichi & Qigong Martial Arts


Ajc-TaiChi & Qigong Martial Arts


Area: London & Southeast Kent area

Chief Instructor: Mr Ashley Cheeseman

Style: Yang and Chen


Training Details:  See Website


Contact:   [email protected] 


Telephone Ashley on: 07833365160


We focus on delivering high quality Taichi & Qigong in our classes with other martial arts as well we specialize in practical self defence and a strong focus on healthy living.


(Five Elements Martial Arts)

My slogan: "Don’t give in just keep going"



Club location: London

Chief Instructor: Master Koh

Style: Chinese Kickboxing

Contact:  [email protected]   

Website:  Fist Art Association                         


Zhuan Shu Kuan (Fist Art Association) system of Chinese kickboxing is based on traditional Chinese pugilistic arts, combined with a modern approach to practical self-defence, fitness development and leisure pursuit. The Association’s training centres are mainly based in London and details of the Association is available from our website: ZSK Chinese Kickboxing.

“A steed is not praised for its might, but for its thoroughbred qualities”.


Evolution Fre-Style



At EFS Jujitsu club, we teach a modernized/ practical form of street defence. Whereas traditionally you would have learned kata (structured set of techniques/ form), we adopt a more modern approach to training and use randori (sparring) in order to pressure test your techiques. This will enable you to have the knowledge, skill and confidence if ever faced with a situation on the street!

We are based at The Winston Churchill School, Hermitage Road, Woking, GU21 8TL.

Training is every Wednesday evening from 8:30pm-9:30pm.

For more information please contact Sensei Chris Barnaby: 07791754415.

[email protected]




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