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Approved Martial Art Styles and Weapons


Below is the IMASA Alphabetical list of approved Martial Art styles for Insurance purposes:
First year Club Registration costs £10.00

Many Martial Art clubs now add other disciplines/techniques to their own style, please be aware if an injury was to occur whilst teaching a technique that is not common to your style, you could find yourself liable to a claim for reckless behaviour and your Instructor Policy becomes voidable.

If in doubt, stick to what you know and have the qualifications for - Its not rocket science.

                                         Approved Style & Weapons Lists

The lists below details the most common disciplines and weapons we cover but are not exhaustive.

We are unable to provide cover for the Declined Disciplines and Declined Weapons listed below.

Approved Disciplines                                                    Declined Disciplines

            You need to be qualified                                    Not Qualified

·                Aido                                                                  Bajujitsu

          Aiki                                                                   Ju-Jistu Cage Fighting

          Aikido                                                               Jobajitsu

          Aiuchi JuJitsu                                                    Chin Na

          Aiwakai Karate Do                                            Dim-Mak

          Arnis                                                                  Kalari

          Atemi                                                                 Kalari Payattu

          Ba Ji Qan & Tai Chi                                           Kyusho Ju-Jitsu

          Bagua                                                                  Competition MMA

          Baguazhang                                                       Musti Yudha

          Bando                                                                 Payatta

          Battojitsu                                                           Shoot Fighting

           Bojitsu                                                              Subajutsu

           Boxercize                                                         Thoda

           Brazillian Ju Jitsu                                             Varjamushhhti

           Breaking                                                           Disciplines specialising in Pressure Points

           Breaking Boards                                                Kyusho

           Budo                                                                 No conection to Martial Arts

             Bujinkai Karate                                                  Approved Weaponery

          Bujinkan Budo                                                     3' Section Staff

          Bujinkan Budo Tai Jutsu                                      12" Baton

          Budo Multi Style                                                  6' Staff

·                Bushi Kempo                                                      Bamboo Sword

·                Bushido                                                               Baton

·                Capoeira                                                              Blunted Metal Sabre

·                Ch`uan Fa                                                            Bo

·                Ch`uan Shu                                                          Bo Staff

·                Chambarra                                                           Bokken

·                Cheibi Gad-Ga                                                     Broadsword - Blunted

·                Chen Style Tai Chi                                                Broadsword - Wooden

·                Cheongye Kwan                                                   Butterfly Knives (No Live Blades)

·                Chi Gong                                                              Cane

·                Chi Kung                                                              Chain

·                Chinese Kickboxing                                             Chain Whip

·                Choi Kwang Do                                                    Clubs

·                Conflict Management (Self Defence)                   Clubs (Wooden)

·                Control & Restraint                                               Cosh (Blunted Blade Only)

·                Daito ?Ryu                                                            Dagger (Blunted Blade Only)

·                Daito Ryu Aiki Jujitsu                                           Dan Bong (Short Sticks)

·                Escrima                                                                  Dummy Weapons

·                Feng Shou                                                              Escrima

·                Fitness Kickboxing                                                Escrima Sticks

·                Freestyle Taekwondo                                             Fan

·                Goju Kai Karate Do                                                Foam Battons

·                Goju Ryu                                                                Foam Weapons

·                Goju Ryu Karate                                                    Focus Mitts

·                Goshin Jutsu                                                          Guns (Plastic & Rubber)

·                Grappling                                                              Hanbo

·                Hakuda                                                                 Habo Staffs

·                Hanmudo                                                              Iaito (Practice Only)

·                Hap ki do                                                              Janbo

·                Hapkido                                                                Jo

·                Hojojitsu                                                               Jo Staff

·                H Sing-I                                                                Jutte/Jitte

·                Hsing-yi                                                                Kali Sticks

·                Hwarang-do                                                          Kama (Blunted Blade Only)

·                Iaido                                                                     Katana (Blunted Blade Only)

·                Inkai Judo                                                             Kendo Shinai

·                Jado Kuin Do                                                        Knives- Blunted Metal

·                Japanese Archery                                                  Kenpo Sticks

·                Japanese Shotokan Karate                                      Knives- Plastic

·                Jeet June Do                                                          Knives -Rubber

·                Jikiden Eishin ryu Iadio                                        Knives- Wooden

·                Judo                                                                      Kubotan

·                JuJitsu                                                                  Kunai (Blunted Blade Only)

·                JuJutsu                                                                 Leather Whip

·                Jukendo                                                               Naginta (Blunted Blade)

·                Jutsu                                                                     Nawa

·                Kaiai Jitsu                                                             No Live Blades

·                Kai Silat                                                                Nunchaku

·                Karate                                                                  Padded Sticks

·                Karate Do                                                             Padded Weapons

·                Karate Jitsu                                                          Plastic Bottle

·                Kata                                                                     Plastic Weapons

·                Kempo                                                                 Pole

·                Kempo Ju Jitsu                                                    Practice Sword - (No Live Blades)

·                Kempo Ryu                                                          Qiang

·                Ken Fat                                                                 Replica Weapons

·                Kendo                                                                   Rapier (Protected only)

·                Ken Jitsu                                                              Rokusha Kubo (Japanese Staff)

·                Kenpo                                                                   Rope

·                Kenpo Karate                                                       Rubber Sticks

·                Kenshin Karate                                                     Rubber Weapons

·                Keysi Fighting Method                                         Safety Weapons

·                Ki Aikido                                                              Sai

·                Kickboxing                                                           Shaolin Staff

·                Ko Budo                                                               Shields

·                Kobudo                                                                Shinai (Blunted Blade only)

·                Korean Kickboxing                                               Shoriken

·                Korean Martial Arts                                               Shuko (Demonstration only)

·                Kory Uchinadi                                                       Spear (Performance only)

·                Krav Maga                                                             Staff

·                Kuk Soo Won                                                         Sticks

·                Kuk Sool Won                                                        Swords - Blunted Metal

·                Kuksool Won & Strategic Self Defence                 Swords - Rubber

·                Kumbo                                                                  Swords - Plastic

·                Kumite                                                                  Swords - Wooden

·                Kung Fu                                                                Tai Chi Sword - (Blunted Blade only)

·                Kyokushinkai Karate                                             Tambo

·                Kyudo                                                                    Tanto

·                Kyushindo                                                            Tessen

·                Kyushindo Karate                                                  Tiger Fork

·                Lau Gar                                                                  Togakure Bokken

·                Lau Gar Kickboxing                                               Tonfa

·                Lau Gar Kickboxing & Kung Fu                             Training Knife

·                Lau Gar Kung Fu                                                     Training Swords - No Live Blades

·                Lee Style Tai Chi                                                     Training Weapons - No Live Blades

·                Maarlisk (Excluding Competitions)                         Wing Chun Pole

·                Martial Arts Based Fitness                                       Wooden Shou

·                Martial Arts Based Wrestling                                   Wooden Weapons

·                MMA Excluding Competitions                                Yari (Japanese Spear)

·                Muay Thai                                                                Yawari Bo

·                Muay Thai Boxing                                           

·                Nihon Goshin Ju Jitsu                                        

·                Ninjitsu                                                       Declined Weapons

·                Northwest Chinese Kickboxing                   Japanese Bow

·                Pa Kua                                                         Japanese Long Bow & Arrows

·                Pa Qua                                                         Live Bladed Weapons - Iaito (Practice Only)

·                Patterns                                                       Shurieken

·                Physical Intervention                                   Any items being thrown, Stars, Spear         

·                Qi Gong                                                       Any use of items for strangulation, Obi, Scarf

·                Qi Kwan Do

·                Russsian Martial Arts

·                Sandokai Karate

·                Sanjuro Martial Arts

·                Sankukai Karate

·                Sanshou (Excluding Competitions)

·                Sarit-Sarak

·                Savate

·                Seiki Juju Karate

·                Self Defence (Qualified)

·                Shaolin Kung Fu

·                Shintaido

·                Shito Ryu

·                Shito ryu Karate

·                Shorinji Kempo

·                Shotokan Goju Ryu

·                Shotokan Karate

·                Shuai Chiao

·                Shuhaku

·                Shukokai Karate

·                Shukokai

·                Silambam

·                So Kudo

·                Soo Barhk

·                Sport Karate

·                Sumai

·                Systema

·                Taekwondo

·                Tai Chi

·                Tai Chi Chuan

·                Tai Jutsu

·                Taido

·                Tajutsu

·                Tang Soo Do

·                Tegatan

·                Thai Boxing

·                Thang-ta

·                Tora Kai

·                Traditional Aikido

·                Traditional Karate

·                Traditional Korean Martial Arts

·                Viet Vo Dao

·                Wado Kai

·                Wado Ryu

·                Wado Ryu Karate

·                Wing Chun

·                Wing Chun Kung Fu

·                Wing Tsun

·                World Tang Soo Do

·                Wu Shu

·                Yoga

                 Yoshiakan Aikido    



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