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Price List

Off course it is not compulsory to use the IMASA Books or Badges.

License/Grading Books    (18 pages)         £1.75 each       Licence Books with your Logo on Front £1.75 each

Leather Licence/Grading Books               £2.35 each                

Association Student Gi Badge                   £1.70 each

Association Instructor Gi Badge                £1.70 each

Association Blazer Badge                         £1.70 each

IMASA Blank Grading Certificates              £3.50 each

IMASA Black Belt Certificates (Standard)   £15.00 each

IMASA Kanji Black Belt Certificate            £30.00 each

IMASA Association Tie (Grey/Silver)           £10.00 each

IMASA Association Tie (Blue Striped)         £12.00 each

IMASA T-Shirts and Hoodies

T-Shirts IMASA from £8.50 - IMASA Logo

Hoodies IMASA from £16.50 - IMASA Logo

All items purchased plus Post & Package




Japanese Kanji Characters Black Belt Certificate £30.00 - seven days delivery.

We can supply IMASA Grading/License books with your Club Name and Logo added to the Front Cover, minimum order of 50 Books @ £1.75 per book plus p&p by posted cheque - a one time printer set up cost £5.00  Your Club Logo on the Front - IMASA Logo on the rear (In full Colour)

Postage for 1 to 10 books £3.50 -  11 to 25 Books £6.50  -  26 to 50 Books £10.50

We can add your club logo to the Blank Student Grading Certificates and the Black Belt Standard Certificates on request - Free - No charge - please supply logo.

Kanji Black Belt Certificate - The Japanese Characters say the exact same as the English section wording, Club, Name, Style, Grade, Chief examiner etc - details and payment required before ordering. Each Certificate is individual to each person and will arrive with your club details and students details already printed on (English & Japanese) - Two blank spaces for signatures.

Please take a look at the sample below - these are registered and kept on file.

All items plus p&p 

We can supply to our members your own club badge through our suppliers, we would need a jp copy of your logo or design, the cost of these are £1.70 each (Minimum quantity 50) plus p&p £8.50 - there is a one off set up fee £5.00



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