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Dan Gradings our held at various locations across the country as available, all Gradings can be carried out in front of your own style practitioners or an IMASA National All Styles Technical Officer (you choose).

Awarded Dan Grades available to Members on a time served basis - Request Criteria

Dan Grading through IMASA are not compulsory - we're here to help not hinder.

With regards to grading your own students, when you register with IMASA a file is opened under your club name, that file will keep a record of your Students Grade, Name & Date of Birth, we recognise and accept you will grade your own students, their your students - learnt your way - who has the most right to grade their student best, but the Club Chief Instructor (that being you) - your students are your clubs future, but that's just our opinion, all we ask is that you send a copy of the Dan grade certificates for your file and our Dan Grade Registry.

Dan Gradings can be taken from your own Syllabus or our IMASA General Multi-Style Syllabus.

Keeping a one set Syllabus for each Martial Art would cause conflicts not just between arts but even within same art styles as some higher Dan grades start to dictate what you should know and how exactly you should perform a certain move - that is not what IMASA is about.
IMASA believes each club grows as the Chief Instructors knowledge grows and the only way Instructors grow are to attend Courses, Events, Competitions, Workshops and even the Internet and as the Instructor's knowledge grows he will add items to his own club syllabus.
IMASA will and does grade Instructors on their own written syllabus, or we have a general syllabus for Instructors to be tested against, please don't ask for a copy a completed copy is given on the day, but be assured there is nothing in it to try and catch an Instructor out, you only carry out what you have knowledge of "you decide".

IMASA is not hear to empty your pockets and we have a set Grading fee of £75.00 whether it be 1st Dan or above you are ready to take - price includes Standard Certification.

Non-physical Grading (IMASA Awarded) any chief club Instructor can apply for the IMASA awarded grade but we will need a copy of the following as proof to qualify.

IMASA Criteria for Time served Dan Grade Award

Minimum 4 Months Club Membership to IMASA - Minimum 10 X IMASA Registered students -  Requested Grade, Proof of Time Served - Previous Grade Certificates on file (Scanned/Emailed copies are fine) - Instructor Insurance in place - IMASA Registered Instructor - Club in good standing with IMASA

Proof if required of the necessary years continuous training or teaching at instructor level (this can be - but not limited to copies of club venue rental receipts).

Copies of any certificates from seminars attended (this can be from any Event entered) during those years.

That the time served is correct: Example 2yrs to 2nd Dan from 1st Dan, 3yrs to 3rd from 2nd Dan, 4yrs to 4th Dan from 3rd Dan and so on.

Cost: £35.00 - includes Stamped, Signed Standard IMASA Dan Grade Certificate (Not Kanji) and p&p

We are here to assist but we need to affirm who you say you are and not just someone trying to purchase a Dan Grade. (if you run a regular club No-Problem)

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