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Itai Doshin Aikido Club - Taunton, Somerset

Itai Doshin Aikido Club is directly linked to Japan as members of the Owari Aikikai under the chairmanship of Takimoto Shihan (7th Dan Aikikai) who are registered with the Aikido Aikikai headquarters (The Hombu) in Tokyo.  We are the first club outside of Japan to be part of Owari Aikikai so this is a special honour for us.  Owari Aikikai consists of 21 dojos and approximately 500 students.

We teach traditional Aikido as developed by the founder Ueshiba Morihei and are privileged to receive technical direction from Toshiaki Kawachi Sensei (5th Dan Aikikai) who is a student of Takimoto Shihan.  We have been very fortunate in having Kawachi Sensei as part of our Club whilst working in the UK for three years and albeit he has now returned to Japan; will continue to provide technical direction and visit the UK when he can.

It is worth pointing out that Aikido is particularly suitable for women, as correctly practised is not dependent upon physical strength. By all means call us for a chat but the easiest way of seeing what we do is to come along and watch a session (see website for full details).

We welcome new students who wish to experience this soft, dynamic, yet powerful martial art.

Website: www.itaidoshin.uk      Email: info@itaidoshin.uk