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Independent Martial Art Sports Association Mission Statement 

                                                             IMASA Mission statement

The aim of this Association is to develop well-motivated Instructors according to their varying abilities within a caring and stimulating NGB environment that’s in partnership with the Instructor and Club Owners.


To provide well-trained Instructors and Coaches supported by the best available resources, we aim to promote a high standard Instructor who will be well motivated as well as promoting, moral, social, physical, and spiritual development.


Instructors will thereby be prepared to derive maximum benefit from the skills they have learnt over many years and ultimately be able to give back to their Club, Students, Families and the Community. 


This Associations aim is to achieve all of this in a safe, structured and organised environment, conducive of its Instructors learning needs.



Assessment of the Instructors progress on a positive basis and planning for their future learning is a continuous process from the day that they open their Martial Art Club, it is hoped that they will continue to make the progress of which they are all capable of achieving - as and when they feel it necessary.


It is important that the Instructor makes their best progress –this may be at a faster or slower pace compared to other Instructors in the Association, whatever the rate of the Instructors progress it will be equally valued.


Instructors who have good skills achieve a great deal more for their Club and in life, therefore our Association promotes the idea that Instructors should be encouraged to make their own decisions.


The rules of this Association reflect this; 

We treat others, as we would expect to be treated.

We will not Bully Club Owners.

It is important that Instructors at this Association work together.


Association aims

To encourage “Good Will” and Sportsmanship.

To reinforce any work that might have been done at another Association.

To enable the Instructor to share in the life of our Association

To encourage a sense of responsibility and help their Club develop as well as a sense of pride in Sport. 

To encourage Instructors to help other Clubs, share training tips etc.

To achieve Club Mark status – so our members can benefit from this achievement


We will reward good Instructors




All equipment supplied will be retained by the Association.


                                                          Meeting IMASA Committee Members  

If you have any questions or information requests, please do not hesitate to speak to our General Secretary.


Gen Sec Office No: 01246-452878  Mobile No: 07919123605  Email: enquiriesimasa@aol.com


Our goal is to make the Independent Martial Art Sport Association the main National Governing Body within the UK for all styles of martial arts and sport recreations.


If you would like to be part of our goal then join our Association now and make a difference – we all benefit.


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