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Q. I have loads of questions - what should I do?

A. Take a look below or just give us a call or email, we're here to help - advice freely given.

Q. I have been quoted £6 to £8 per student from other Associations - Why is IMASA Membership so cheap?

A. IMASA Membership & Insurance in most cases is the exact same, but in some cases it is even better - IMASA buys very large blocks of Insurance and passes those discounts onto its members, check out the policy document to compare with other Associations documents - some Associations won't put their policy details on their website - we think that says it all.

Q. Do I need to Register all my Black Belts?

A. No.

Q. What do you mean by Principle Instructor?

A. Each Club needs a Principle Instructor, in most cases this will be you as the Club Owner and or Main Instructor.

Q. My Sensei told me I can not open my own Club?

A. False, Any time served Black Belt can open their own club, want more info give us a bell or email.

Q. Can I grade my own students?

A. Yes - With regards to grading your own students, when you register with IMASA a file is opened under your club name, that file will keep a record of your Students Grade, Name & Date of Birth, we recognise and acccept you will grade your own students, their your students - learnt your way - who has the most right to grade their student best, but the Club Chief Instructor (that being you) - your students are your clubs future, but that's just our opinion, all we ask is that you send a copy of the Dan grade certificates for your file and our Dan Grade Registry.

Q. I have been told if I open my own Club - my grade will be cancelled?

A. False, no one can take away what you have already achieved, Paid and worked hard to gain.

Q. I already have student Insurance with another Association - will I need to re-start new cover over again?

A. No

Q. I have been told by other Associations I need 20 students or more to register with them?

A. That's probably true with most Associations but not with the IMASA, you can start a new club with no students, we are here to help you get started.

Q. Would it be possible to use my own slips and put your student number on it?

A. Yes, if you have your own design student slip - no problem, we keep the same student number while the fees are paid, just add the student number to your design slips. (Student Payment must be Paid first or cover will be withdrawn).

Q. How does IMASA Membership, Indemnity and Instructor Insurance work.


The Student Indemnity cover is purely Member to Member whilst training, any third party claim would need to be made against the Instructor in charge at the time of the session.

Member to Member Indemnity covers the Member from injuring a training partner upto the upper Association Policy limit of £5 Million. this Indemnity is provided from the Association Policy and is not an individual Policy - There is no accidental cover provided within this Policy.

The Student Policy is intertwined with our Association Policy and as such does not have a separate policy, it simply states that IMASA Members are covered by Indemnity up to £5ML there is no breakdown as it is pure £5ML Indemnity and covers all registered Members from injuring another Student up to the maximum £5ML Limit.

Member to Member Liability

The Insurer will indemnify member or members of the Association

in their respective capacities as such as though each party was individually named as the Insured in this Section.

Joint insured Cross Liabilities

If more than one party is named as the lnsured this Section shall apply as though each were insured separately provide that the Insurer’s liability to all parties indemnified shall not exceed in total the Limit of Indemnity shown in the Schedule.

IMASA Student Membership fee currently @ £3.00 Annually - Please check this is the current cost with the office.

This fee covers IMASA Admin, Membership/Registration, supply of Membership slip and of the safe keeping of student details Name, Date of Birth and Grade if given, this information is saved for upto 6 years (in our Cloud based system) after the student decides not to renew., this is a legal obligation in the event of a future claim that maybe made.

In brief;

Student Indemnity starts from the date of issue,(this being date of payment made) then registered on our Insurers register, we cannot back date, but we can date for a future date within 28 days.

Student Indemnity covers the student from being sued upto the Association Indemnity limit of £5,000,000 (5 Million), students do not claim against their own Indemnity, they claim against the student that has caused the injury, that does not prevent them from also claiming against the Club Instructor - Indemnity does not cover Accidental injuries, such as tripping whilst entering the Club, falling over etc also it does not cover the student to Instruct - the cover provides for, if they (the student) injures a fellow student whilst training.

Student Indemnity Example:

(1) Paul injures Peter whilst training, both students have Indemnity in place - "no worries" Paul would claim against Peter's Indemnity upto £5 Million.

(2) Paul injures Peter whilst training, only Peter has Indemnity - Peter could not claim against Paul's insurance, has he has non in place, remedy for Peter, Peter would have to make a Private claim against Paul through the Courts, he can also claim against the Instructor present has he has a "Duty of Care", unfortunately if the Club had not insured Paul, the Instructor would leave themselves liable to a private un-insured claim through the courts, this could also include an un-insured claim against the Club Owner and or Chief Instructor.

Dependent on the Claim settlement, let’s say £2 Million, if they owned property they would need to raise the funds to pay the Courts settlement decision plus costs - solution, make sure all students have been IMASA Registered Member which includes Indemnity.

Instructor Insurance;

Instructor Insurance is a non-refundable, non-transferable Policy, as per the providers Terms of Business.

Instructor Insurance covers as it states to "Instruct", it also covers them whilst being present, for Public Liability, such as; if someone enters the Dojo and gets injured accidently (trips and breaks a leg), the Instructor would be covered - Instructor Insurance does not cover student to student injuries, but would be covered for a third party claim if both students had Member Indemnity in place.

Please remember four bits of advice, "Were there's blame there is a Claim" secondly Martial Art insurance is like any other Insurance product, if the claim is a large enough, the Insurance Company will fully investigate its position regards to its liability, thirdly make sure all students have Indemnity in place, and fourthly make sure all Instructors have Instructor Insurance in place if they Instruct un-supervised.

If a club charges a membership fee, it can be taken that the student also thinks they have purchased indemnity against being sued.

Please be aware what can go wrong;

Student £5 Million Indemnity is like car insurance, the injured party claims against the student causing the injury, up to the upper level which in this case would be £5ML (a Court would decide the amount) - there is no accident cover within the student indemnity - it is purely in place to protect against being sued for injuring another student.

Generally the student insurance is in place to protect against a serious injury they may cause another, let’s say a life changing injury such as Brain damage or Disablement, it is not deemed a compensation pot for twisted ankles.

Member to Member Liability

Covers each club or association member or official as though each individual was separately named in this section.

The total Limit of Indemnity available to all parties is not increased.

In any event there is nothing stopping any member from also claiming against the Instructor in charge for negligence.

Hope that explains, I am not a Legal eagle, a copy of this can be requested from enquiriesimasa@aol.com

Q. Do you have a Coaching course and is it compulsory to take one to be part of IMASA

A. We have certified courses and workshops - use them if you want, we have seen some Associations demanding you take one of their courses at a cost of £85.00 or more - no such dictatorship within IMASA.

Q. How am I going to progress to a higher rank.

A. IMASA has its own grading panel, you can grade on your own written syllabus or use our General Syllabus - its entirely upto you - You can also apply for a Time served upgrade - Criteria Applies.

Q. I have just re-newed my Instructor Insurance - will I need to renew my Instructor Insurance again to Register with IMASA?

A. No, if you have already re-newed your Instructors Insurance that's fine, and when the time comes for your own Instructor's renewal you can request it from IMASA but it is not compulsory to receive your Instructor Insurance from us, but we will require a scanned copy for our files.

Q. We maybe changing the name of the club, would we be able to do this or would we have to wait until renewal.

A.  You can add or change your club name at will, but each club name has to be registered (£10.00 online at this time).

Q.  Are we able to add instructors as & when we open up a new class.

A.  You can add Instructors at anytime, it maybe that they are still insured through another Association or new Black Belts, add as required.

Q.  How quick can we set up the instructor insurance.

A. Membership & Instructor Insurance can be set up from approximately 2 hours if paid by paypal - of course postal payments take considerably longer.

Q. Is IMASA affiliated with any other Federations - if not, are there any plans to affiliate?

A. With regards to affiliations, IMASA was formed because of the need for a non-political club owner Association, I am in no doubt that at some point during your Martial Art career you have felt the sharp edge of politics that is writhe within all sections of all styles - IMASA is committed to being the exact opposite.

Having said that, our stance is this - if its good for Sport in the UK it gets our approval :
We aim to co-operate with other bodies having similar or sympathetic aims and generally do all such acts as shall further the active and corporate life of the Club Owners and may lawfully be done by a body established for the purposes recognised by the law of England.
Q. I had initially thought of joining my members with the xxxx but the costs with you are a fair bit cheaper, I will be working in a deprived area so it would be hard for me to pass on higher membership fees, it could be a show stopper - In all honesty is there anything less official about your organisation signing my grading certificates etc?
A. All IMASA 4th Dan's and above grades have been vetted and are respected Martial Artists in their own right, they have sat on grading panels within other major Associations, but joined IMASA when they got sick and tired of the Political mumbo jumbo. - needless to say if their grades were suddenly not recognised the other Associations would have loads of their own members un-recognised.

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