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Amateur Ju-Jitsu Academy

Amateur Ju-Jitsu Academy


Area: Chesterfield, Derbyshire

Chief Instructor: Paul Chambers

Style: Traditional Ju-Jitsu & Judo


Training Details: Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday

Times: 6:30pm~8:30pm

Training Details: Every Thursday 6:30pm till 8:00pm

Ages Accepted: 4+yrs (Little Samurais) to Adults (separate matted training area)


Contact details: Phone Paul on; 07919123605. Email; ajjaclub@aol.com

Website address: www.amateurjujitsuacademy.co.uk         


Partnered with:

Children’s University Passport to Learning                  

Sainsbury’s Active Kids


A friendly Ju-Jitsu Club, set up for the benefit of its students and members - we welcome all ages and abilities, train in a relaxed family orientated atmosphere - The aim of Amateur Ju-Jitsu Academy is to develop happy well-motivated students according to their varying abilities within a caring and stimulating learning environment that’s in partnership with the student.

To provide well-trained instructors and coaches supported by the best available resources, we aim to promote a high standard student who will be disciplined and well motivated as well as promote intellect, moral, social, and physical development.

They will achieve a high level of tolerance, control, and restraint.


For further information regarding Ju-Jitsu Techniques and Combat Ju-Jitsu training please go to our website address above.


Leeds University Union Taekwondo



Leeds University Union Taekwondo


Area:  Leeds

Chief Instructor: Andy Murray

Style: Taekwondo


Training Details:

As we are a University Club, our club operates during the University Academic year, late September to June and is closed during the summer and holiday periods, e.g. Christmas and Easter.


For more information, such as training venue and times please visit www.murraysTKD.co.uk or www.luutkd.co.uk for more information.



The Leeds University Union Taekwondo Club is an independent Taekwondo Club at the University of Leeds (City Centre Campus).

The club and its Instructors are members of the Independent Martial Arts Sports Association (IMASA), our Syllabus is regularly reviewed and updated but is essentially is inline with the International Taekwondo Federation syllabus.


Murrays Taekwondo provides a team of very experienced Instructors that come from diverse backgrounds that not only bring with them extensive experience in Competitive Taekwondo (Ex-World Champion, British Champions and Ex- National Team members), but also from various other Martial Art backgrounds such as; Krav maga, Kickboxing, Tang-Soo-Do and also from their own professional backgrounds such as; Ex-Prison Custody Officer and Close Personal Protection fields to include Security Staff.


Garforth Kenpo Karate


Instructors : Brian Perkin, David Hall

St. Benedict’s Centre, Aberford Road, Garforth, Leeds

Firthfields Community Center, Firthfields, Garforth, Leeds

Website: http://www.garforthkenpo.co.uk


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