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Martial Arts Insurance , Instructor Insurance & Student Member to Member Indemnity

Independent Martial Art Sports Association

Martial Art Insurance

IMASA the Multi-Styles Association for Martial Art Club Owners & Instructors


    No Politics - No Association Interference - IMASA is Truly an Association for;



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                                                            IMASA Membership


     *Combined Membership & Insurance £2.50 per Student*

   (1 to 50 Students Memberships £2.50 per student per year Junior or Senior includes Indemnity Cover)

                             IMASA Instructor Insurance provided by Allianz Insurance Plc 

                                   (Over 51 Students Memberships email for a discounted quote)


Assistant Coach Validation & Registration to include Indemnity Cover just £30.00

Check out the full benefits on our "Membership/Insurance" page                                     

                      (Instructor Insurance is Not Compulsory to purchase through IMASA)


  *Club Membership with IMASA for just £10.00*  *Early Renewals just £5.00*

Membership to IMASA gives you access to comprehensive Martial Arts support, Insurance, National and International Martial Arts recognition, Competitions and much more, advise given *Freely*


                                                    New Martial Art Clubs

If you are currently deciding to open your own Martial Art Club or have one running already, IMASA is the fastest growing Association within the UK providing quality Martial Art Insurance products. We can advise on many issues and pit falls you may come across ? We do this freely 24/7

                   "Joining IMASA is very straight forward" -  "We have what you need and more" 

                                                            Join & Register NOW 


                   *For your Peace of mind we recommend* 
                                Four training sessions new student Trail Period Membership & Indemnity
                                                                                                      (Terms & Conditions apply)   £1
                       Whilst New students decide whether to join your club - Equivalent to 25p per session




Admin:    [email protected]                           

Enquiries: [email protected]     Replies just about 24/7

Personal:  [email protected]   

Phone:  01246 452878

Mobile: 07919123605


    If you would like to join Independent Martial Art Sports Association

    we only ask the following from you;


·         Supply the name of your Club or proposed Club

·         Have at least three years experience within your Martial Art Style or Sport

·         Regards Martial Arts - you have attained Black Belt status or trained continuously attaining 1st KYU status within your chosen style

·         Have studied or worked to a syllabus, training program or other (please state)

·         We request that you take out your Club & Student Membership with IMASA

·         That you have an awareness of Health & Safety procedures whilst training & awareness of Child Protection Protocols.


What we don?t want is Internet based Black Belts; you must have trained within a club environment.



If the applicant has never received a formal qualification or grading certificate but can if requested prove three years past club level training experience and has reached a competent level, we are here to help not hinder.

No Bull ? No over priced Courses to attend.

We promise to recognise previous qualifications gained, all current certifications will be valid until the re-newel date - after that we can supply the training courses for all your needs within our Association and you would not get ripped off or you can gain qualifications elsewhere, its your choice - we have no dictators, we will not de-value your original qualifications ? Our courses or seminars are not compulsory, but are to National Standards or Higher.


The Independent Martial Art Sports Association?s Membership is comprised of many different Martial Arts styles and systems, a selection of which are listed below:- Ju-Jitsu, Karate, Kickboxing, Taekwondo, Judo,  Free Style, Escrima Silat, Krav Maga,  Tai Chi, Kempo, Aikido, BJJ, Hapkido, Savate, Muay Thai, Street Style, to name but a few, check out our Styles Approved page.

                                                       OUR PROMISE TO YOU

·         We recognise that all IMASA applicants follow their chosen Martial Art Style, Sport, Fitness Regime or other Sport Club Activity.

·         You can be assured that IMASA will in no-way interfere with the running of your club or training program.

·         We welcome Local, National, or International Bodies, to work with IMASA to promote higher standards, but IMASA is and will remain Independent thus making the interests of our members our highest priority.

·         All IMASA Courses, Events, Seminars and or Competitions are in no-way compulsory use them if you want ? don?t if you don?t, no problem.

·         We will be there when you need us.



Once you have decided to arrange your Club Membership through IMASA, you have one of two options;

You can take the paper less option ? whereby you can submit your student?s information;                

Name, D.O.B & Grade via email 

If you have access to a printer we can email your Registered numbered slips for you to print off.

You can send the information by post, and we can post the Membership Insurance slips to you ? a small charge is made of £3.50p to cover our costs.




                                    Phone:  0791 9123605


                     IMASA is not authorized to give advise concerning Insurance Products



Question & Answers

Q Can I be a member of IMASA without leaving my own Association?

A The short answer is Yes, you can legally be a member of as many Associations as you want, if you want to be a member of IMASA - No Problem, No Association has the right to dictate who you or your club associate's with                                                      IMASA Club Registration £10.00 only.

       For more Questions and Answers please look on the Q & A page - Alternatively DROP us an email.

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