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Purchase of Instructor Cover through IMASA

Instructor Registration fee (£10) this fee covers are admin costs, Instructor Registration Certificate emailed out with Policy, includes Member to Member Indemnity & Instructor Certificate

Student Membership includes £5ML Member to Member Indemnity £3.75 per Student (Adult or Junior) per Year

IMASA Association Membership Indemnity is covered by Allianz Insurance Plc, a Martial Arts Insurance Provider.


IMASA Club Membership is only £10.00 per club, not venue.

Minimum age for Instructor Insurance 18 years

IMASA Student Membership includes Member to Member Association training Indemnity.


Association Student Member to Member Indemnity Limit £5,000,000

Minimum Student age for Membership/Insurance is 4 years

Information required Student: Club Name, Style, Student's Name, Date of Birth, Grade achieved if any. 


Information required Instructor: Please request the Instructor Application Form from


Instructor Policy details by request.


Each Registered Club requires the following;

Minimum of One Principal Instructor with Public Liability Cover through IMASA


Available Principle & Instructor Insurance Policies by Martialguard

Individual Instructor Cover £5,000,000 Public & Product Liability @ £90.79

Individual Instructor Cover £10,000,000 Public & Product Liability @ £111.79


Available Principle & Instructor Insurance Policies by AXA

Individual Instructor Cover £1,000,000 Public & Product Liability @ £93.22

Individual Instructor Cover £2,000,000 Public & Product Liability @ £93.22

Individual Instructor Cover £5,000,000 Public & Product Liability @ £101.16

Additional Terms Apply


All Policies don’t include the £10.00 Instructor Registration – This covers our Admin


The Individual Instructor Insurance covers the Instructor to Instruct anywhere within the UK


Amateur Tournaments/Events:

For 2 Day Event Cover with Maximum of 900 attendees

Public Liability:  £1,000,000 @ £53.63 (Other PL amounts available)

All Memberships and Insurance cover provided assume that you have read and agreed to the Policy documents and Instructor's Declaration form.


Description of Activities


Your insurer covers only those activities which you declared on your original Proposal Form. You must advise us of all activities in which you participate or any additional ones you wish to include to ensure that adequate cover is effective for your Membership.


Health and Safety


It is important that all adequate and appropriate safety measures have been put into place to ensure accidents are avoided, all equipment kept in good usable condition.


Membership Records


In the event of a claim, you may be called upon to confirm Student & Club Memberships to IMASA.


You must ensure that you keep a record of all members past and present as this will be necessary in the event of a claim, and must correspond with our Main Register exactly - We will issue your Student List at the point of joining IMASA and on file at your Club renewal date – You can also request a student update List during the year.


Insurers reserve the right to examine membership records. You must ensure that all injuries are recorded for reference in the event of a claim.


It is important that you tell us everything about you in good faith and what you want to insure, including any specific concerns that led you to seek cover. To do this you need to answer all questions we ask you accurately and to the best of your knowledge and ability by making specific enquiries of partners, directors and senior management involved in the business and its subsidiaries.


Your duty of fair presentation applies at the start of the policy, at renewal and when any variation of the policy is arranged.


You must tell us about any changes which may happen after inception of your policy. If you are in any doubt about whether facts are material, you must tell us. Failure to do so could affect the validity of your policy.


The personal information you provide to IMASA will be used to process your application for insurance and to administer your policy, as part of this process we may need to pass information onto third parties.

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