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          IMASA Association Time Served Awarded Dan Up-Grade
  The following Criteria is not compulsory as Senior Dan Grades can grade their own students as usual.

This Criteria is for IMASA Awarded Dan upgrades only and in addition for Dan Grades 5th Dan and above wishing to be added to the IMASA Black Belt Register.

These are minimum Standards to be accepted within the Martial Art Community, continuous training;
1st Dan - Approximately minimum 3 to 4 years Martial Art training within a club environment
2nd Dan - Two years from 1st
3rd Dan - Three Years from 2nd
4th Dan - Four years from 3rd

5th Dan - Five years from 4th

6th Dan - 6 years from 5th
And so forth.

The IMASA Criteria for Main/Chief Instructor Dan upgrade approval is as follows;
      • IMASA Minimum Membership from 4 months onwards with club registered students on file
      • Minimum 10 X Registered Students
     • Grade must be time served as per the Martial Art Industry recommendations
     • Previous Grade Certificates on file (Scanned/Emailed copies are fine)
     • One early upgrade is acceptable, or max two early upgrades with acceptable mitigation in place
     • Copies of any Events, Seminars attended
     • Short CV if applicable
     • Instructor Insurance in place
     • IMASA Registered Instructor
     • Club in good standing with IMASA
     • Minimum of four months Membership in place

Fee at this time = £35.00 - Includes Standard IMASA Dan Grade Certificate, IMASA Association Signature & Stamp, posted out 1st Class, Signed for. (Cost does not include Kanji Certificate)

Kanji Certificate please add £38.00 to above grade cost, these are also Association Signed & Stamped
Space provided for additional Sensei Signature and Stamp if required.

Club Level Student Dan Certificate
Club Level IMASA Dan Certificates @ £15.00 each + P&P

Required details from Club Instructor: Name, Grade, Date, IMASA Club Code, Style, Examiner name

Club Logo can be added to Certificate (Free) We just require your Club Logo on file
P&P @ £3.65 Posted Signed for

Student Dan Certificate requests are only supplied to IMASA Club Members, Registered Black Belt.

Physical Dan Grade:
Price on Application
We require a copy of the Syllabus to be graded against.

          We do not supply Dan Certificates to non-members.

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