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IMASA Member Available Documents


Email the Document number you require.

Available Free Documents to Registered Instructor Members Only

Please request any of the following Documents by number from  some documents can be Edited to suit your Clubs needs others are a good source of information – if you have some good information sheets and would like to share with others Members please email to IMASA.

001 General Training Risk Assessment

01 Good Practise                                                           

02 Respect for Yourself and Others

03 Judo Doc                                                                   

04 Ju-Jitsu Doc

05 Dojo Etiquette                                                           

06 Club Guidelines

07 Fundamentals Principles for Building Athletes  

08 Club Policy Doc

09 Insurance Benefits & Exclusions                           

10 Benefits and Risks Training

11 Principle with Resistance Training                          

12 Child Protection Record Sheet.doc

13 CRB Handi-guide CRB changes                            

14 CRB_New_Guidance_Page_1

15 crb-cop                                                                       

16 Contact details Derbyshire Safe Children

17 Data Protection Top Tip                                           

18 Defining child abuse

19 CBR Education Toolkit                                             

20 Defensive Striking Points

21 First Aid Guide                                                           

22 Good practice 21122011

23 How do I report a concern                                      

24 Groundwork Kata Part1

25 id-changes-FAQs                                                     

26 IMASA Accident Report Form

27 IMASA Child Protection Policy 2011                      

28 IMASA Club Application Form

29 Coach Injury Risk Self-Assessment Form            

30 IMASA Coaching Charter 2011    

31 IMASA Constitution                                                  

32 IMASA Data Protection Notice

33 IMASA Equity and Discrimination Policy              

34 IMASA Ground Grappling Rules

35 IMASA Health and Safety                                        

36 IMASA Instructor Proposal/Renewal Form

37 IMASA Mission statement                                       

38 IMASA Policy Booklet

40 Recruitment of ex-offenders                                  

41 IMASA Record of Disclosure Form

42 IMASA What is a Black Belt                                    

43 IMASA Whistle blower Policy

44 Instructor Declaration                                              

45 Individual Instructor Policy

46 Jo Kata Part One                                                      

47 Student Challenging behaviour

48 Good Practice Guidance for All Staff                    

49 Organisers for One Off Events

50 Outside events                                                         

51 Wise Up to the Web

52 Marketing Quick Guide                                            

53 Med ball For All

54 Motivation and Exercise                                          

55 Myths

56 Promoting Marketing Your Club                            

57 Child SAFE Referral Card

58 Referral flowchart adult                                          

59 Referral Telephone Card

60 Risk Assessment v2                                                 

61 Guidance Roles Child Safety

62 Safe Selection Procedures                                     

63 Safeguarding Policy Education.doc

64 Small Grants Application Form                              

65 Small Grants Governance Guidance

66 Small Grants pre-application checklist                

67 Small Grants Programme

68 Small Grants project planning template             

69 Standards for Safeguarding PDF

70 Taxation Sport Quick Guide                                    

71 The Principles of Circle

72 UKSCA Strength and Conditioning

73 Using photographs of children on websites

74 Volunteer or Not document                             

75 Volunteers top tips

76 Wise up to the Web E-safety policy          

77 Working with disabled people

78 Working with ethnic minority communities         

79 Working with Local Safeguarding Boards

80 Working with older people                  

81 Working with people on low income

82 Working with women and girls

83 05b Good Practise & Child Safety Guidelines

84 This guide has been compiled to help Clubs to manage a well-run and             Professional Martial Arts Club.

85 IMASA Dan upgrade Criteria

86 IMASA Price List

87 Insurance Cover explanation

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